Shakedown Trip #3

After replacing the rusted and sheared coolant pipe (Shakedown Trip #2), The Boogie was refusing to start? After a cry for help on the BigJimny discussion board, other members pointed out that the coolant pipe I had replaced was right next to the starter motor?!… So I wiggled the connector to the the starter motor’s solenoid and it fired back into life…

So I went on a local test drive… to visit a local greenlane, supposedly a BOAT that runs from the northern edge of Rhuddlan to the southerly edge of Rhyl – featured in the example in the Project-116 page linked in the menu above…

But found…

…. the gate I had spotted on Google Earth locked with a padlock and chain 😦 Not much of a BOAT (Byway Open to ALL Traffic) then? 😦

Turning round, the locker (Lunchbox a cheaper version of the Lockright) kicked in and I stalled The Boogie… and then, it wouldn’t restart… 😦

AND, the coolant system was again leaking 😦

So… once again…

I had to call on the services of LNS Recovery to get me home AGAIN!

Piggyback ride…

… home!

Time for some more diagnosis and repair then…? 😦

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