Shakedown Trip #4

I started today lying under The Boogie with some sandpaper and a pair of pliers… I removed the suspected starter motor’s solenoid spade connector and rubbed it shiny with the sandpaper and then pinched the female connector tighter with the pliers and then reassembled…

The Boogie then started first time 🙂

So I stopped and restarted it a few times… I then fixed the coolant link and refilled the radiator with water, started the buggy and left it running whilst I wandered into the house to make a cup of tea. By the time I came out again the temperature gauge had settled in the middle and all was good in the engine bay… no leaks, no hissing of hot water… 🙂

So I finished my cuppa, and then went for a trip around the block, over the various speed humps, and then back into the drive, engine off, restarted, etc, etc, and then checked all the hoses again… All good.

I then went out for a longer test drive, and returned back to the drive again… engine off, restarted, etc, etc…

Gaining some confidence, I considered going to drive a few local lanes, but then decided to stick to tarmac and go and visit my Mum 🙂 Another cup of tea and a catch-up chat, in which Mum said my brother was due to visit her “after lunch”, so I waited round to see him as it’s been a while, what with lockdown, etc…

So when he arrived we looked over each other’s projects, as my brother Pete had just finished a van to a camper conversion, very neat to! His attention to details is just like mine? We are brother after all!

Another cup of tea and a cake in Mum’s back garden and a good catch-up with my kid brother (he’s 18 months younger than me) and I met his girlfriend for the first time too 🙂

I then jumped back into The Boogie, it started first time, and then shot down the A55 North Wales Expressway back to home… 🙂

It looks to be sorted then?!

Some greenlanes to explore next then? Watch this space 😉

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