The Final Shakedown?

19/05/21 – Hopefully all the (remedial) completion work on “The Boogie” is finished… I replaced a delaminated gearbox (“engine”) mount today, changed the engine oil and filter, and then went out on a test drive… starting locally on tarmac, but then – feeling brave – I went to complete “shakedown #2” !

Two BOATS (Byways Open to All Traffic) local to my home, the first one heading East from “Aifft” to the parking area at the “crossroads” of four routes, and then heading south snaking along that bug long byway that runs along the edge of the Clwyd Valley. (Denbighshire)

Through the first gate out of the farmyard at the hamlet of Aifft, and heading up the side of the valley.
TWUID: SJ1169-04 if you are a GLASS member.

At the second gate, looking back down to the valley floor.

Top of the ‘lane, through the gate, closed it and captured the ByWay sign 😉

This is the parking area at the top, where on Shakedown Trip #2 I’d lost all the engine coolant due to a rusted through pipe that ran (strangely) through the offside engine mount. It was here I sat and waited for friends from LNS Recovery Services who are situated at the end of the road where I live, to come and help me…
This time though, I’m through the gate and onto the big BOAT heading south…

So this is TWUID: SJ1266-03 if you’re a GLASS member.
In the distance is my hometown (City) of St. Asaph…

Nice to finally get The Boogie out and about! 🙂

Looking North

Looking West

Looking South

Looking North again.
(The above FOUR photos were all taken at the same location)

Further on by the old rusty water tank…

From behind at the same spot, by the water tank…

Further on…

Over where the big dip through the stream used to be before they rebuilt it as above…

Last gate of the day…

A good test drive, no problems this time, so we’re hopefully ready to rejoin the rest of the group for it’s first post lockdown trip of 2021, this coming Sunday, the 23rd of May…

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