First Trip with the Group

23/05/21 – The First Trip out with some members of the group since lockdown has been lifted.

Our intended route for the day 🙂

I left the house at 7:30 to meet the others for breakfast at 08:00, and as I was starting to fuel up, Brett “Maverick” (left) and John “Sniper” arrived after coming off the A55 St. Asaph exit sliproad in the background.

All gathered for a lineup outside The Whistlestop Cafe – left to right :
Brett “Maverick” in Jalapeno
John “Sniper” in his trayback
Me (Dave) in The Boogie
Riccy in his tipping pickup
Dave “The Bee” in his red Jimny.

In for a good quality and good value breakfast then!

Off onto the first ‘lane of the day then! I’m in the little convoy following John “Sniper” in his silver trayback. A short UCR (Unclassified County Road) with ORPA Dots (Other Route with Public Access) just below Cefn Meriadog – TWUID: SJ0072-02 if your a GLASS member and have access to Trailwise2.

Next ‘lane, a UCR that drops down to Groesfford Marli, not featured on Trailwise2…?

“Arm out of the window” photography (umm, an old comment of mine, that doesn’t really fit anymore, as I have no windows?!” captures Dave “The Bee” and Riccy behind me, dropping down the ‘lane…

Next ‘lane, another UCR, and again not recorded on Trailwise2, but what we know as “Bryn-y-Pin” as that’s the closest place name on the Landranger map…

John “Sniper” ahead of me in the distance…

A nice narrow bridge on the road to the next ‘lane…

Comments are exchanged on the CBs about avoiding one Ford we planned to include later in the day 😉

Next ‘lane! Another UCR with ORPA dots, Trailwise ID TWUID: SH9970-02, graded a few years ago, but still a nice drive –

Following the leader! Brett in front in Jalapeno.

Through the abandoned farm buildings…

Next ‘lane is a BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic) north of Bryn Rhyd yr Arian, Trailwise2 TWUID: SH9567-02

Waiting for the others to catch up – Brett is ahead of us opening the gate.

All bunched up at the next gate.

At the end of the lane I pulled over to photograph Riccy coming through this deep puddle, and to take a turn at the back shutting the gates.

Enroute to the next ‘lane…

Turning onto it – TWUID: SH9367-02 ORPA Dots on the map.

Nice little ‘lane

Catching up with the others after shutting yet another gate…

Due to a road closure we then had to go back down the BOAT along the river…

“Gate was closed” shouts Brett over the CB… we always leave the gates as we find them… if a gate is already open it might mean the farmer wants livestock to be able to get to water, etc…

Next ‘lane, another BOAT, TWUID: SH9667-02
The cows were very interested and followed us up the field.

Our little convoy…

Through the gate in the middle (it used to be blocked at this point until fairly recently – a couple of years ago?…

Photo stolen from Brett’s Blog of the day 😉

Then up to the top… and… The Boogie suffered another failure, overheating, steam, smoke, we suspected the head gasket had gone 😦

So I limped home…

And parked the muddy buggy in the garage, a few days thinking about my options and fathoming out what’s wrong this time…

Oh, the oil stains on the garage floor was the power steering developed a leak too (Thanks to Riccy for the loan of some brake fluid to keep it going rather than seizing the pump)…

Funnily enough I’ve been saying to customers and friends in the shop that “nothing can go wrong now, everything’s been replaced bar the engine”…

Eat my own words 😦

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