Father’s Day Test Drive

With the head just done on the buggy, I thought I’d better put some road miles on to test it…

Halfway to my destination, driving the nice windy country lanes inland from the North Wales coast where I have the honour to live…

Ha Ha… a quick trip to Booker Cash & Carry to pick up a few lines that were missing from our weekly Londis Friday delivery, who are ironically owned by…….. Booker (who are then owned by Tesco?!)

On the way back…

I stopped on Colwyn Bay Prom’ for an ice-cream 😉

Looking the other way (east) down the prom’

I then popped in for a cuppa with my Mum, and then popped to the beach by her house for another couple of photos…

And then drove inland to visit my Dad – being as it was Father’s Day – putting a good sixty miles on the engine, and all seems well 🙂

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