Repairs after the last trip!

On the last trip, the first with my mate and co-driver Alan back in his seat after the COVID lockdowns, I suffered brake failure –

And had to clamp the brake to get us home –

Mole grips and calliper ty-wrapped to the chassis!

With Monday being a bank holiday here in the UK, first ting Tuesday morning I ordered a new set of braided extended brake hoses from JimnyBits on a DHL overnight delivery to fix the buggy “today” on my Wednesday off…

Usual excellent service by Russ & Co. at JimnyBits, and by the time I’d walked the dogs and put my scruffs on, DHL dropped a box at my feet… literally! LOL

So jacked up and the calliper removed to refurb…

Piston back in, sliders greased and refitted, new Goodridge braided hose fitted (I was expecting a Llama4x4 kit to arrive?). That leaves me with a couple of hoses spare, as I only wanted one but no-one seems to sell the separately? But they won’t be wasted… the next buggy project is running two Jimny front axles, and as this buggy – the Boogie – has no inner winds, I’m running driver’s side brake hoses on both sides on the front, so I currently have three passenger side ones ready and waiting for the “lil-bugga” build, so I’ll order one more kit soon, and will then have all the hoses I need, including a spare front for this buggy…

A cheaper version of Loctite Threadlok to ‘glue’ the calliper slider bolts in this time!!!

Fill the brake fluid reservoir…

And then using a home-made EasyBleed kit – silicon hose and an empty water bottle…

Keep pimping the brake pedal and refilling the reservoir until no bubbles are seen when the pedal is depressed… easy enough on the front driver’s side on your own, but you’d need help on the others… And then close the bleed nipple and remove the bleed ‘kit’…

Test drive, and then…

Back in the garage ready for the next trip… 🙂

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