A Reprieve…

Just in case anyone spotted “The Boogie” for sale on eBay… it’s now had a reprieve and has been withdrawn from sale…

I’m now looking forward to getting out and about when the summer eventually comes, and my foot is fixed… The cage round my foot has a “prescription” of rod adjustments until the 21/4/22, and then they’re inserting four 8mm diameter (medical!) screws in pairs from the front and back of the foot into bones in the middle of my foot somewhere, to hold the realigned foot and rebuilt arch (the foot has fallen flat with the dislocated bone having been removed) all in place… So hopefully by the end of this month I should be released and repatriated back to Wales… lol 

Some  more recuperating and physio and I should be set for some summer ‘Laning…. If the authorities still allow it…!

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