Another Buggy?!

Yup, can’t help myself! The Boogie is great for greenlaning, it couldnt be too extreme as it had to still resemble a Jimny and have wheel arches that covered the tyres, lights, etc, to be road legal and pass the annual MOT road worthiness inspection…

But, I also longed for a tube framed buggy, offroad only, no rules and regs to obey… a ground up build to keep me busy in the garage over the next few years / winters… enter lil-bugga !!

It – of course – has it’s own blog here –

I’m currently laid up in various hospitals though, so no more physical updates for a while, but plenty of mental (literally) ones as my sick mind keeps working… LOL

Here’s a teaser…

Hmmm… TWO narrowed and beefed up front Jimny axles?!

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