It’s back!!!

The 8th of November… The Boogie Buggy finally came back from the local garage after having head the head re-done… Nestled back in the garage and waiting for some nice weather for a run out… 😉

NOOOoooo… Not again!

Sunday the 26th of September, we were still struggling to get stock during the “pingdemic”, lots of capping and stock shortages, so first thing in the morning I was off to the local Booker Cash & Carry, and got there when they opened… Ahh, might of been a bit optimistic there?! I usually gauge it… Continue reading NOOOoooo… Not again!

Repairs 22/09/21

After the last trip ended prematurely, on the first ‘lane would you believe? It was (again!) time to make some repairs… primarily the bottom radiator hose, but also the offside rear drum brake piston was leaking… New piston and shoes (the old ones were covered in brake fluid). Quite a job to get them reassembled,… Continue reading Repairs 22/09/21


Wednesday the 08/09/21, I had some work to do first, but then I decided it was such a nice day, and the weather was supposed to change for the weekend, that I’d… … throw the soft-top roof back, and take the Jimny Buggy out to do some local lanes, before the winter sets in, and… Continue reading NOOOoooo…

Project 116 18/07/21

You’ve hopefully read on the top menu, “Project 116” has been a long term goal of mine to drive all the greenlanes / Rights of Way on my local OS Landranger sheet 116, so this week I drew another route – .. to take in some of the ‘lanes I’d missed / not driven (in… Continue reading Project 116 18/07/21

BigJimny Meet 2021

This was the event I was aiming to make, I wanted the Jimny Buggy ready for this… Last year was the 50th Anniversary of the “Jimny” when you count the LJ, SJ, Gen 3 and Gen 4 versions that had been sold – around the world – and known as the “Jimny”, due to COVID… Continue reading BigJimny Meet 2021

The Peak District

Sunday the 27th of June, a few of us from the “Jimny Jauntz” group had arranged to meet up in the Peak District for a day’s greenlaning, this was hopefully going to be my return to the group after the head had been done on the buggy and some local testing had proved successful. Brett… Continue reading The Peak District