My head’s gone!

It does look like after the last trip, the head / gasket has gone 😦 Hooked up to a “virtual compression test” machine… There’s an induction loop around the (engine) battery’s feed and a clip on the negative… There’s also an electrical sensor going to one of the coils in the next photo – And… Continue reading My head’s gone!

First Trip with the Group

23/05/21 – The First Trip out with some members of the group since lockdown has been lifted. Our intended route for the day 🙂 I left the house at 7:30 to meet the others for breakfast at 08:00, and as I was starting to fuel up, Brett “Maverick” (left) and John “Sniper” arrived after coming… Continue reading First Trip with the Group

The Final Shakedown?

19/05/21 – Hopefully all the (remedial) completion work on “The Boogie” is finished… I replaced a delaminated gearbox (“engine”) mount today, changed the engine oil and filter, and then went out on a test drive… starting locally on tarmac, but then – feeling brave – I went to complete “shakedown #2” ! Two BOATS (Byways… Continue reading The Final Shakedown?


May the 14th.. I thought the clutch had gone, but it turned out to be the gearbox 😦 So a replacement gearbox was sourced from James Priestley, thanks to him once again. And my local friendly garage swapped the gearbox, fitted a new oil seal where the intermediary shaft fits in, a new clutch, clutch… Continue reading Completion?

My other car…

… is also a Suzuki – of course! 😉 This is my daily driver – It’s a “New” Grand Vitara (that’s just the name of it, it is actually quite an old model, despite it’s looks – a bit like me then?! 😉 ).It’s got a 2″ lift using SuzukiMods front strut and rear coil… Continue reading My other car…

Shakedown Trip #5

“Spoke to soon”… 😦 Over the weekend we sold out of a few cigarette lines, but was it worth a trip to the local Booker Cash & Carry… If it’s an excuse for a ride in The Boogie, hell yes, I’ll go! 😉 Two cases of Heineken, two bottles of Champagne, a couple of other… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #5

Shakedown Trip #4

I started today lying under The Boogie with some sandpaper and a pair of pliers… I removed the suspected starter motor’s solenoid spade connector and rubbed it shiny with the sandpaper and then pinched the female connector tighter with the pliers and then reassembled… The Boogie then started first time 🙂 So I stopped and… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #4

Shakedown Trip #3

After replacing the rusted and sheared coolant pipe (Shakedown Trip #2), The Boogie was refusing to start? After a cry for help on the BigJimny discussion board, other members pointed out that the coolant pipe I had replaced was right next to the starter motor?!… So I wiggled the connector to the the starter motor’s… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #3

Shakedown Trip #2

Looking at the BBC Weather App on my iPhone this week, Easter Sunday looks to be overcast with the possibility of some rain, yet today / Wednesday – my day off in the week – promised glorious weather… time for a “Wednesday Wander” like the old days then? 🙂 My route was intended to be… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #2

Two Pages Added

Added a couple of new pages to the top menu bar… Project-116 – my ongoing Project to drive all the ‘lanes on my “home” OS Landranger Map – Sheet 116 Service – A Service History page, something I’ve often wished I’d compiled on previous projects… Also tidied the Menu Bar up by deleting “Home” and… Continue reading Two Pages Added