Project 116 18/07/21

You’ve hopefully read on the top menu, “Project 116” has been a long term goal of mine to drive all the greenlanes / Rights of Way on my local OS Landranger sheet 116, so this week I drew another route – .. to take in some of the ‘lanes I’d missed / not driven (in… Continue reading Project 116 18/07/21

BigJimny Meet 2021

This was the event I was aiming to make, I wanted the Jimny Buggy ready for this… Last year was the 50th Anniversary of the “Jimny” when you count the LJ, SJ, Gen 3 and Gen 4 versions that had been sold – around the world – and known as the “Jimny”, due to COVID… Continue reading BigJimny Meet 2021

The Peak District

Sunday the 27th of June, a few of us from the “Jimny Jauntz” group had arranged to meet up in the Peak District for a day’s greenlaning, this was hopefully going to be my return to the group after the head had been done on the buggy and some local testing had proved successful. Brett… Continue reading The Peak District

First Wednesday Wander!

With the head fixed on the buggy, I felt it was time for a Wednesday Wander to check everything was in order… So I drew a route – You might wonder what the border line is for?… This is the top corner of the OS Landranger Map Sheet 116 that covers my local area. There’s… Continue reading First Wednesday Wander!

Father’s Day Test Drive

With the head just done on the buggy, I thought I’d better put some road miles on to test it… Halfway to my destination, driving the nice windy country lanes inland from the North Wales coast where I have the honour to live… Ha Ha… a quick trip to Booker Cash & Carry to pick… Continue reading Father’s Day Test Drive

Head Fixed (?!)

The Boogie has been hiding in the local garage under the carr of John the mechanic for the last couple of weeks… 😦 The head has been off and stripped, skimmed and pressure tested, a new head gasket set fitted, rebuilt, idle control vale (fast idle) fixed, a new water pump fitted (slight weap), and… Continue reading Head Fixed (?!)

My head’s gone!

It does look like after the last trip, the head / gasket has gone 😦 Hooked up to a “virtual compression test” machine… There’s an induction loop around the (engine) battery’s feed and a clip on the negative… There’s also an electrical sensor going to one of the coils in the next photo – And… Continue reading My head’s gone!

First Trip with the Group

23/05/21 – The First Trip out with some members of the group since lockdown has been lifted. Our intended route for the day 🙂 I left the house at 7:30 to meet the others for breakfast at 08:00, and as I was starting to fuel up, Brett “Maverick” (left) and John “Sniper” arrived after coming… Continue reading First Trip with the Group

The Final Shakedown?

19/05/21 – Hopefully all the (remedial) completion work on “The Boogie” is finished… I replaced a delaminated gearbox (“engine”) mount today, changed the engine oil and filter, and then went out on a test drive… starting locally on tarmac, but then – feeling brave – I went to complete “shakedown #2” ! Two BOATS (Byways… Continue reading The Final Shakedown?


May the 14th.. I thought the clutch had gone, but it turned out to be the gearbox 😦 So a replacement gearbox was sourced from James Priestley, thanks to him once again. And my local friendly garage swapped the gearbox, fitted a new oil seal where the intermediary shaft fits in, a new clutch, clutch… Continue reading Completion?