Shakedown Trip #3

After replacing the rusted and sheared coolant pipe (Shakedown Trip #2), The Boogie was refusing to start? After a cry for help on the BigJimny discussion board, other members pointed out that the coolant pipe I had replaced was right next to the starter motor?!… So I wiggled the connector to the the starter motor’s… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #3

Shakedown Trip #2

Looking at the BBC Weather App on my iPhone this week, Easter Sunday looks to be overcast with the possibility of some rain, yet today / Wednesday – my day off in the week – promised glorious weather… time for a “Wednesday Wander” like the old days then? 🙂 My route was intended to be… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #2

Two Pages Added

Added a couple of new pages to the top menu bar… Project-116 – my ongoing Project to drive all the ‘lanes on my “home” OS Landranger Map – Sheet 116 Service – A Service History page, something I’ve often wished I’d compiled on previous projects… Also tidied the Menu Bar up by deleting “Home” and… Continue reading Two Pages Added

Shakedown Trip #1

Now that The Boogie is nearly finished (are they ever though? 😉 ) it needed a couple of shakedown trips before joining the rest of the group on longer trips when things return to normal… i.e. after the COVID pandemic and when the lockdowns start to ease… Speaking of which… the Welsh Government recently changed… Continue reading Shakedown Trip #1

MOT day!

Well, today was the day! – And… finally… Yeah! 🙂

Matching Jacket!

After the matching keyring (previous blog entry), I bought this jacket a few months ago…

Matching keyring!

Hee hee, look at that – A keyring from my dear friend and co-pilot, Alan!It’s based on my Avatar on the BigJimny site – Awesome! Well chuffed with that! 😉

Pages Added!

Added a couple of pages to the menu at the top of the page…Videos – my YouTube Channel videos – more when we get let out to ‘lane again!Links – links to my favourite pages…


Recently finished the two ‘door cards’ made of aluminium chequer plate – And now working on the front brakelines… Errr, then I think it’s ready for the MOT?!…