This page is a record of my Service History on the Boogie, more for me to refer to than of any interest to you out there on the interweb πŸ˜‰
It’s something I wish I’d done on previous projects…! I can then see when tasks were last done and therefore need doing again, or if something fails I’ll have a history to look back on…

March 2021
New Front Wheel Bearings
New King Pins and Bearings
New Front Axle Oil Seals
New Front Axle Ball Seals
New Oil in Front Axle
Four New Track Rod Ends
New Front Disks and Pads
New Rear Wheel Bearings
New Rear Axle Oil Seals
New Oil in Rear Axle
New Oil in Transfer Box
Previous owner replaced brake pipes & Rear Shoes
Previous owner replaced fuel lines
New K&N Air Filter
April 2021
New Radiator & Cap, Thermostat, Jubilee Clips
New coolant pipe through offside engine mount
May 2021
Replacement Gearbox, new oil seal and fresh oil
New Exedy Clutch, New Clutch Cable
New Pilot / Spigot Bearing in Flywheel
May 2021
Mileage 100,650
New rear engine (gearbox) mount (delaminated)
New Oil Filter (Genuine Suzuki)
New Engine Oil – SAE 10W-40 with a can of
High Mileage “Snake Oil” (?) Additive πŸ˜‰
June 2021Head skimmed and pressure tested
New head gasket set fitted
Mew spark plugs fitted
Idle control valve (fast idle) fixed
New water pump fitted
Early July 2021Front Springs swapped for +2″ JimnyBits ones
Front JimnyBits +2″ bump stops fitted
Early Sept 2021Front offside braided brake hose replaced
Calliper slider bolts loctite’d in!
Late Sept 2021Both radiator hoses changed
Offside rear brake cylinder and shoes replaced

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