Base Vehicle

  • Suzuki Jimny X reg, 2000 model
  • X 8GGY” personal registration


  • JimnyBits +2” Front Lift Springs
  • Monroe Adventure Grand Vitara Rear Shock Absorbers
  • JimnyBits +1” Bumpstop Spacers
  • JimnyBits Shock Absorber Guards
  • JimnyBits Front HD Adjustable Panhard Rod / Poly Bushes
  • Standard radius arms with SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes
  • JimnyBits Radius Arm Guards
  • Sleeved (with seamless tube) HD Steering Bars (homemade)
  • Procomp Steering Damper on mounting kit from ZookBOB

Suspension – Rear

  • JimnyBits +2″ Rear Lift Springs
  • Rockwatt Rear Spring Retaining Clamps
  • Monroe Adventure Rear Jimny Shock Absorbers, with…
  • JimnyBits Shock 1.5″ Relocator Brackets, and…
  • ZookBOB drill-thru rear bottom shock bolts
  • ZookBOB +2″ Rear Bump Stop Spacers
  • JimnyBits Rear Shock Absorber Guards
  • JimnyBits Rear HD Adjustable Panhard Rod / Poly Bushes
  • Standard radius arms with SuperPro Polyurethane Bushes
  • JimnyBits Radius Arm Guards

Drivetrain – Front

  • Fully rebuilt front axle fitted with later 4.3:1 Diff
  • Standard Open Front Diff
  • JimnyBits Front Diff Guard
  • JimnyBits Free Wheel Hubs

Drivetrain – Rear

  • Fully rebuilt rear axle fitted with later 4.3:1 Diff, with…
  • Lunchbox” (like a Lockright) Locking Diff from JimnyBits
  • TrailGear HD Shafts from JimnyBits
  • JimnyBits Rear Diff Guard

Drivetrain – Centre

  • Standard Transfer Box in a
  • Homemade bucket / skid plate
  • ZookBOB HD Rubber Bush and Bolt Mounts
  • ZookBOB Breather Kit

Wheels & Tyres

  • Grand Vitara 16″ Alloys
  •  235/70R16 (29″) Malatesta Kamel (Remould) Tyres
  • Raptor4x4 30mm Wheel Spacers

Buggy Body Mods

  • Soft-top cabbed body with “wading wall” inserted behind seats
  • Half-doors
  • Bad Boy Big Bucket Seats
  • Front Monsoon soft-top retained for those sunny days!
  • Bed-liner’d floor
  • Rear “trayback” with elliptical diagonal bracing to body
  • Spare Wheel Tray with Damar yellow retaining ratchet strap
  • Reshaped (narrowed to front) bonnet, featuring…
  • LED Light Bar ‘scoop’, Keithy Vents & Pie Warmer! 😉
  • Lorry wheel arches
  • “X” bracing in rear of cab, is joined to…
  • External “halo hoop” around roofline and A-pillar tubes
  • Homemade Tree Wires from RAF rescue helicopter cable (!)
  • Armoured fuel filler with extended hoses
  • JimnyBits Sill Bars
  • JimnyBits Petrol Tank Guard
  • Homemade Mirror Guards (for the Tight & Scratchy ‘lanes!)
  • Custom snorkel tube by “PipeBender” (to my Spec’), with…
  • K&N air filter and Southdown Land Rover snorkel head
  • ZookBOB Breather Kit

Recovery Equipment

  • Custom homemade tray to hold –
  • Rear mounted JimnyBits / “Black Raptor” 9,000lb Winch. with…
  • Synthetic rope
  • Runs through donut fairleads / seamless tube to front
  • Large rear “Warn 8274” style hawse fairlead for rear winching
  • Snatch Block mount just above it
  • Option to winch through the loop on the back of the ‘cage
  • Custom handle to influence the rope back onto the drum
  • Waffle Boards in custom mount
  • Ground Anchor on custom mounts for spade and arm
  • Damar Tree Strop in faux Jerry Can
  • JimnyBits Front Recovery Points through front bumperette
  • Homemade Rear Recovery Points
  • HiLift Jack on “X” bracing mounts


  • JCB front headlights operated by two negative switched relays
  • LED Light Bar in bonnet ‘scoop’
  • Side repeaters moved to bonnet edges with JimnyBits Guards
  • Rear SJ / Samurai Lights in custom “box section” mounts
  • LED rear foglight and high-level brake light on “halo hoop”
  • Rear mounted (next to winch) Odyssey PC1200 Winch Battery
  • In Offroad Armoury Cradle
  • Engine Battery in custom mount
  • Manual switched split charge system, so that…
  • Engine battery is kept charged during winching operations
  • Yet batteries are connected when driving

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